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Student Dorm Storage in Hattiesburg

At The Grove Mini Storage, we offer college storage locker options to students in need of keeping their items safe in between moves – on or out of campus. We provide the right size storage lockers for college students interested in going the storage route.

Students at the University of Southern Mississippi and William Carey University enjoy close proximity to our facility, making it only natural to want to store with us. There are several reasons for choosing a storage locker, some of the most prominent reasons for deciding to rent storage include:

Planning a move: For the record, having all your stuff stashed in storage will save you the stress of moving between residences. At The Grove Mini Storage, we have units tailored for college students. We understand that college kids move – a lot, so we have units ready to be rented to keep your things safe and secured between moves. This way, you don't have to constantly go to-and-fro trying to move all your items from point A to B.

Savings: Going on a break and thinking of carting your items back home? Sounds like a good idea, but then the cost of bringing them back after the break should be considered. For students at William Carey University and the University of Southern Mississippi, we have budget-friendly units close to school to help you save some extra bucks during your break.

Taking storage off your mind would lift a major burden from your shoulders and ensure you have stress-free and enjoyable dorm years. If you have been considering storage in Hattiesburg, MS, you are in luck. At The Grove Mini Storage, we offer the best college storage services to parents and their wards looking for a reliable college storage service. Contact us today to find out about our tailored college storage services available for you.

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